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HVLP application of top quality refinishing products.

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We serve the entire States of Washington and Oregon for multi-unit refinishing projects. For motel, hotel, apartments, and condos feel free to give us a call and discuss your project.  We will complete your project on time and offer competitive rates. 

Refinishing a bathtub or shower pan is an option to consider during a bathroom remodel. In comparison to replacements refinishing is much faster and easier on the wallet. One of the many benefits of refinishing is that there is no demolition. The existing tile , flooring , plumbing , and bath tub stays in place. Refinishing a bath tub or shower stall is completed in one day and may be used in 24 hours. Refinishing your bathtub or shower keeps it simple and fast. Another benefit to having your bath tub or shower refinished is the ability to choose any color you want. Glaze can be tinted to match other bathroom décor or fixtures. Safety is also an important factor. Our company also offers Anti-slip safety coatings for all types of surfaces including porcelian , fiberglass, and steel bath tubs, shower stalls, and shower pans. 

During the refinishing process any cracks or chips can be repaired before the tub is refinished leaving a cracked fiberglass tub or chipped cast iron tub looking like new. We repair and refinish many fiberglass bath tubs, shower pans, and shower stalls. In many cases the fiberglass tub or shower has cracked leaving the home vulnerable to water damage. Porcelian and enameled bath tubs that are chipped are repaired before the refinishing process. Aged fiberglass , Porcelian , and enameled bath tubs or showers often yellow, look dull, and get damaged over time. Having your bath tub or shower refinished gets rid of any mold and mildew and leaves you with a clean , shiny , durable surface. After a bath tub or shower is refinished the surface is very easy to clean and low maintenance. We also offer a cleaner that is specially formulated for our refinishing products. 

Fully Licensed , Bonded , and Insured in Oregon and Washington state.
Oregon CCB 195517
Washington - COLUMBB885JO



Items we refinish

Fiberglass and acrylic bath tubs, shower pans, tub and shower stalls

Tile - Ceramic and porcelain tub and shower wall surrounds. Wainscoting. Vanities and counter tops

Acrylic- Bath tubs, Shower bases, Spas

Porcelain and enameled Bath tubs , sinks, and shower pans


Laminate counter tops