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Refinishing a bathtub or shower pan is an option to consider during a bathroom remodel. Traditional bathroom remodels and bath tub replacements can be very expensive when compared to having the bathtub or shower refinished. One of the many benefits of refinishing is that there is no demolition. The existing tile , flooring , plumbing , and bath tub stays in place. All of those expenses in addition to the installation and purchase of all new material is far more time consuming and expensive when compared to refinishing. Refinishing a bath tub or shower stall is completed in one day and ready to use in 24 hours. Replacing a bath tub or shower can potentially turn into a long dragged out project that ends up costing more then expected. Refinishing your bathtub or shower keeps it simple and fast. Bath tub liners are also another option to consider. Although there is a significant price difference for a liner vs. refinishing it may be a good fit for your project. Another benefit to having your bath tub or shower refinished is the ability to choose any color you want. Color can be tinted to match other bathroom décor or fixtures. Safety is also an important factor for some. Our company also does Anti-slip safety coatings for all types of surfaces including cast iron , fiberglass, and steel bath tubs, shower stalls, and shower pans. 

During the refinishing process any cracks or chips can be repaired before the tub is refinished leaving a cracked fiberglass tub or chipped cast iron tub looking like new. We repair and refinish many fiberglass bath tubs, shower pans, and shower stalls. In many cases the fiberglass tub or shower has cracked leaving the home vulnerable to water damage. Cast iron and steel bath tubs are often chipped and repaired before the refinishing process. Aged fiberglass , cast iron , and steel bath tubs or showers often yellow, look dull, and get damaged over time. Having your bath tub or shower refinished gets rid of any mold and mildew and leaves you with a clean , shiny , durable surface. After a bath tub or shower is refinished the surface is very easy to clean and low maintenance. We also offer a cleaner that is specially formulated for our refinishing products. Call us today to discuss your project. We give free estimates by phone and offer a no hassle warranty. 

Refinishing your countertops can give your kitchen or bathroom a clean fresh new look. Typically refinishing countertops can be completed in just one day. When comparing the cost of a new countertop and installation vs. having your countertops refinished the cost difference can be significant. In addition to the savings associated with refinishing you can also avoid a potentially long project and demolition. 

We offer a wide range of different patterns and colors for your tile, bathroom vanities, or kitchen countertops. If concerned about the chemicals used when refinishing counter tops or bathroom vanities we also carry an Isocyanate-free V.O.C. compliant eco-friendly green line of products. The  refinishing products we use are designed to mimic the look, impact resistance, and the durability of a real stone surface. In addition to all that it is also stain and acid resistant, real stone is not. When preparing your kitchen counters or bathroom vanity for the refinishing process damaged surfaces can also be repaired and seams can be hidden. The refinishing products we use are far more superior then a DIY kit although they may be a good option for some projects. These products often do not have the same bonding properties or durability of a professional product. In many cases we are called to repair and refinish units that have had a DIY kit applied. The two most common reasons we get calls to fix these units is because the product failed to bond to the existing surface and begins to crack, flake, and peel and/or the homeowner was not happy with how the finished product appeared.  If you are in need of superior adhesion, durability, and chemical resistance backed by a hassle free warranty then give us a call today to discuss your project and a free estimate. 

A walk-thru insert installation converts your existing fiberglass, cast iron, or steel bath tub into an easy entry shower. This product is very popular in retirement communities as well as in homes of aging seniors who are wanting easier access into the bath tub. With a walk thru insert the bath tub to easy entry shower conversion process is made simple. This product can be installed in just a few hours with no mess, no demolition, and no downtime. A traditional bath tub to easy entry shower conversion can turn into a major project that continue on for days. With a Walk-thru insert you can have it installed in just a few hours without mess and for a fraction of the cost of a traditional tub to shower conversion. Another advantage to installing a walk thru insert is that once it is converted into an easy entry shower it can be converted back in to a standard bath tub very easily. A Quick tub door can be taken on and off with ease and allows you to go from an easy entry shower to a standard bath tub quickly. Call us today for a free estimate!

We repair fiberglass, cast iron and steel bath tubs and showers. It is important to get repair work done quickly to prevent any water damage to the property. We do small repair jobs as well as large ones. A small chip in a cast iron or steel bath tub can be repaired and color matched. A cracked fiberglass bath tub or shower can be reinforced and repaired with a fiberglass inlay. Call us today to discuss your repair needs. 




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